Legally Branded Academy 2.0

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What you’ll discover when you join the Legally Branded Academy 2.0


  • The very early actions a business takes often have the most significant IP implications from a risk management point of view.
  • Legally Branded Academy 2.0 isn’t a law course, and as such is relevant to international audience.
  • It replaces expensive one to one legal advice with processes which embed IP best practice and education. By implementing and using the processes a company trains team members, and protects its IP seamlessly.
  • As well as basic IP information, there are explanations on issues like IP holding companies, and use of IP symbols including internationally that companies need to know
  • Explanations about what types of name are desirable to choose and why from a trade mark perspective.
  • Marketing departments, entrepreneurs, and design agencies that only choose one or two new names a year need access to this sort of information so they choose wisely
  • Legally Branded Academy 2.0 is the most cost effective way to protect companies in the early stages of any project, such as when they’re trialing new concepts, starting up new businesses etc. Following the processes gives the business ongoing day to day protection so they grow on solid foundations using processes.


Just start now and test it out. If it’s not for you, cancel anytime in the first 30 days.

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