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Your A to Z of intellectual property,
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Our approach is easy legal
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Use tech lawyers for business
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Why Tech lawyers

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Our clients range from start ups
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Global IP Made Easy

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What We Do

Azrights is a niche law firm that advises on the A to Z of intellectual property (IP) rights and tech law – hence the name.  Our services cover every area of IP (copyright, trademarks, patents, designs) starting with identifying names you can use so you can buy domains and register a trademark, to advising on copyright relating to your website or products, to securing patent or design registrations. We also draft commercial agreements, and help you license your IP or sell your online business

This means you don’t have to go to one firm for trademarks, another for patents, another for commercial contracts or litigation. While we are known for our intellectual property and tech expertise, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you with other matters such as corporate, employment law, regulatory, corporate finance, and similar services. By getting everything under one roof, you avoid the duplication of costs that arises when you instruct separate firms.


News and Media

    • High Court rules Cadbury’s purple trade mark is not a series mark

      The judgment in the case of Cadbury UK Ltd v The Comptroller General of Patents Designs and Trade Marks [2016] EWHC 796 (Ch), 18 April 2016 has been published, in which Cadbury’s appeal against a decision of the UK Intellectual Property Office was dismissed by the High Court. The decision marks the latest in a […]

    • Valuable IP Workshop for Creative Agencies Taking Place

      How many people in the branding industry truly understand intellectual property (IP) law? Not enough, according to Shireen Smith, the founder of one of London’s leading IP specialist law firms Azrights. In light of this, Azrights are holding a workshop specially catered to creative agencies.  The workshop, which is the first of its kind from the […]

    • IT Directors Must Protect Intellectual Property

      Many IT Directors and CIOs are not fully aware of the importance of protecting commissioned websites and software. Talking to ITProPortal, intellectual property (IP) lawyer Shireen Smith of IP-specialist law firm Azrights said, “If an IT Director commissions a website or a piece of software without being entirely sure that their business will own the finished […]


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We promise clarity

Easy Legal Not Legalese means we are committed to making the law easy to understand and use, despite its complexities. It’s our promise to always explain your legal options clearly so you can make your decisions. Good communications can often result in speedier resolution of disputes. Our commitment to communicating in plain English stems from the founder of Azrights, Shireen Smith’s experience as an in house lawyer at Reuters in the 1980s. She often received difficult to understand letters of advice from Reuters’ external lawyers. Her role invariably involved translating technical legalese into language the business people could understand.

Consequently, it is an important brand value at Azrights to strip away complexity so that you understand the issues at hand. You will find information on this website and blog that is easy to follow. Shireen has also published a book that makes IP accessible to all – Legally Branded.

Why Tech Lawyers?

The digital world calls for a new breed of lawyer. Lawyers who are tech savvy and understand the forces that are changing the world, such as the Internet, digital money, social media, crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, microfinance, mobile smart phones, 3 D printing, and more.

In the digital world there are a number of legal risks and opportunities to manage which involve using lawyers who have expertise in IP and tech issues. There is often a legal vacuum due to the time lag before the law catches up with technological changes. So every business benefits from having access to lawyers with good experience of IT law. Lawyers who can also help you to manage the uncertainties when innovating or setting up a new business model.

Our Expertise

Our specialist skills are relevant to all size of business because IP impacts every company in the digital world. Whether you are innovating, or have other IP to protect. you will need our advice. So, we have offerings for every size of business, from pre-revenue start ups through to mature public companies. We always focus on providing value for money pricing, often fixed or capped, so as to suit your budget.

Every client wants to get the best lawyers their money can buy, and using us assures you of a high quality service.

Apart from trademark, design and patent registrations our core team focuses on Internet, IT, and social media related issues. We often help businesses to implement complex websites, Apps, software, and more, advising also on compliance with privacy and other regulations.

We do IP audits for companies of all sizes, providing advice on how to address gaps, and set IP strategies. We regularly help businesses when they are choosing new project names, and are in need of worldwide trademark registration or other services.

Global IP Made Easy

Making it easy to secure IP rights worldwide is important to us given that the internet makes many businesses global from day one. We have been doing ecommerce for many years, and our current trademark registration site is being replaced with an online platform offering a range of services accessible online at transparent and affordable prices.

Being in the digital business ourselves means we can add more value to your business than by focusing solely on legal issues. Backgrounds in IT and internet law, including working for high tech companies like Reuters mean our team speaks your language. You can expect us to be forward thinking.

Why us?

If you want lawyers who communicate in plain English then choose us as this is an important brand value for us. Not only do we make it easy for you to understand your options, but as experts in IP (trademarks, copyright, patents, designs) and tech matters (websites, software, internet issues and more) we add real value to your business.

Transparency is key when it comes to our fees, and where we can you will be given a fixed fee, or we will cap our fees. You won’t be surprised with invoices you were not expecting.

Using lawyers familiar with the legal issues relevant to the digital world gives you excellent value because we generally know the law that applies to your situation off the top of our heads, meaning you will rarely pay for us to come up to speed. When you use us you can rest assured that your work is in safe hands.

And you won’t be paying for expensive offices or high overheads...just the expertise you need to be protected.