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Azrights is a niche IP Consultancy that advises on the A to Z of intellectual property (IP) rights and tech law – hence the name.  Our services cover every area of IP (copyright, trademarks, patents, designs, confidential information) starting with identifying names you can use so you can buy domains, register trademarks, to advising on copyright relating to your website or products, to securing patent or design registrations for your products. We also draft commercial agreements, and help you license your IP or sell your online business.

This means we are a one stop shop. While we are known for our intellectual property and tech expertise, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you with other matters such as corporate, employment law, regulatory, corporate finance, and similar services. We also work with partners so as to supply everything you need under one roof, so you avoid the duplication of costs, and the time involved when you instruct separate businesses.


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We promise clarity

Easy Legal Not Legalese means we are committed to making the law easy to understand and use, despite its complexities. If you are clear on your legal options you are better placed to make your decisions. Our commitment to communicating in plain English stems from the founder of Azrights, Shireen Smith’s experience as an in house lawyer at Reuters in the 1980s when she often received difficult to understand letters of advice from Reuters’ external lawyers. Her role invariably involved translating technical legalese into language the business people could understand.

Consequently, it is an important brand value at Azrights to strip away complexity so you understand the issues at hand. You will find information on this website and blog that is easy to read. Shireen has also published a book that makes IP accessible to all – Legally Branded.

Why Tech Lawyers?

The digital world calls for a new breed of lawyer. Lawyers who are tech savvy and understand the forces that are changing the world, such as the Internet, digital money, social media, crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, microfinance, mobile smart phones, 3 D printing, and more.

The digital economy presents legal risks and opportunities to manage. It helps to use lawyers who have expertise in IP and understand the transformation that the internet has caused to all business models There is often a legal vacuum due to the time lag before the law catches up with technological changes. We can help you to manage the uncertainties when innovating or setting up a new business model.

Our Expertise

We work with many digital agencies, designers, marketers, software companies, and internet business owners, so our specialist skills are relevant to all size of business. IP impacts every company in the digital world. Whether you are innovating, or have IP to protect. you will need our advice. So, we offer different services to suit every need. Whether you are looking for a service that gives you the greatest value for money, or are more concerned to have a service designed to save your time, we have offerings to suit your budget.

Apart from trademark, design and patent registrations our core team focuses on Internet, IT, and social media related issues. We often do IP audits for companies of all sizes, providing advice on how to address gaps, and set IP strategies. Another major aspect of our work is helping businesses to choose new project names.

Given that the internet makes many businesses global from day one, we also focus on protecting your brand internationally through international trademark registration, and similar services.

Why us?

You need to keep pace with the fast-moving digital environment, and receive sound legal and commercial advice. We understand the internet and the commercial realities which impact on entrepreneurship, and can communicate our insights clearly, and in plain English. Not only do we make it easy for you to understand your options, but as experts in IP (trademarks, copyright, patents, designs) and tech matters (websites, software, internet issues and more) we add real value to your business.

Often the first step after you contact us – regardless whether you require a contract to be drafted for you or are seeking advice on some issue that has arisen for you – will be a consultation on the phone, at our offices or on skype. We offer this at a fixed price after a brief initial free consultation. Any further work or quotes required thereafter will be fully discussed with you during the consultation so we quote a fee appropriate to your expectations and requirements. We aim to provide an excellent service with no surprise invoices.

Using lawyers familiar with digital legal issues gives you excellent value because we generally know the law that applies to your situation without the need to first come up to speed on the basics. So, we are a safe pair of hands for all intellectual property and commercial matters.