Shireen Smith

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On qualifying as a solicitor Shireen had solid general practice experience, and then handled employment law before focusing on IP, IT, trademark and copyright matters as an in house lawyer at Reuters in the late 80s. The sound grasp of IP issues relevant to blue chip companies gave her a sound basis for supporting start-ups and small business owners once she founded Azrights in 2005. Since then she has worked with hundreds of small business clients on a wide variety of IP, business and commercial legal matters, both contentious and non-contentious.

Contentious and non-contentious work

Shireen is commercial in her approach, and well placed to support SMEs to protect their IP assets, manage their legal risks, and address any disputes. Using a mixture of strategies, Shireen supports SMEs providing excellent high quality legal advice and service.

Legal problems be they how to address GDPR compliance, contractual documentation, or dispute resolution need a commercial approach. The most effective outcome can only be reached once you are aware of the legal options and practical steps you might take. Whether traditional legal processes, including court, are appropriate to your case will be decided with you so you have clear information to see the wood for the trees. Given her expertise in IP and IT matters copyright, trademarks, domain names, patents, trade secrets, designs, privacy, software development and licensing and more, Shireen is well placed to help you achieve your desired outcome and have the right team of experts to achieve it.

Great teams to handle any dispute

Shireen works with a variety of Counsel to suit every type of litigation matter. These have been hand-picked over the years so that whether your matter requires a high flying junior barrister, or an established QC, you will get access the right expertise. Her solid understanding of the litigation process, and ability to pull together great teams makes her the ideal choice of lawyer for contentious issues.

Shireen has extensive practical experience of intellectual property and technology law and solid academic credentials, including a Masters in Intellectual Property law from QMW, London University. Shireen is consistently praised for the depth of her expertise and pragmatic, accessible advice. has written many articles and been published by the Society for Computers and Law, Caritas, Bloomsbury, Informa and others. She is also author of the bestselling books, Legally Branded, which was published in 2012, and Intellectual Property Revolution, published in 2015.

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