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Do you want to protect a name internationally? Would you like to identify and protect your IP? Are you starting a new brand or rebranding? We support clients in three ways:

Trademark Registration

Trademarks, trade marks or trade-marks are names, signs, logos, taglines, designs or expressions you use in business, such as names and logos, which protect the value in your growing business. It is important to own the exclusive rights in your brand identity.

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IP Audits & Assessments

As intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets your business generates, if you have never taken stock of the IP you have in order to identify what exists, and how to best secure your rights then it is well worth starting with an IP audit.

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Brand Tuned – Brand Creation

Here is a video by Shireen Smith, created in 2019 before she wrote the Brand Tuned book, explaining the problems she saw It’s everything you need to create and own a distinctive brand identity.

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Our motto is Easy Legal Not Legalese. Brand, Intellectual Property and law can be complex. It’s important to use advisers who can provide actionable advice that’s clear. Our commitment to communicating in plain English stems from our founder’s experience as an in-house lawyer at Reuters in the 1980s. She often received difficult to understand, lengthy letters of advice from thecompany’s external lawyers which had to be translated into simple language for the business people. She was determined to provide a more user-friendly service at Azrights. Consequently, it is an important brand value at Azrights to strip away complexity, and provide information in our books, articles and blogs that are easy to understand.

Why Focus On Digital?

he digital world calls for a different outlook. The Internet, digital money, social media, crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, mobile smart phones, 3D printing, and more are transforming business life. Azrights focus on brand and Internet, means that it is well placed to support clients with issues around domain names, social media, and branding. The law often lags behind technology, so it’s essential to have experienced guidance to know how best to address business decisions where there is no clear guidance provided by the law.

Brand Expertise

Our focus is on intellectual property protection for all size of business and on branding for micro businesses using BrandTuned. IP impacts every enterprise in the digital world. Whether you are innovating, have IP to protect, or simply want to brand your business, you will need access to sound, reliable business advice. Azrights is committed to offering the services the market needs. A service that offer value for money and quality.

Why Us? 


Our values and mission are explained on the About Azrights page. To summarise, if you choose to work with us, you can expect a responsive, high quality and caring service at value for money prices. You will not need to chase us to progress your work and can expect to be kept regularly updated. We offer a fixed price rather than an estimate, and aim to never ask you to pay an invoice you were not expecting.

You will be in safe hands and can expect high quality advice. Don’t take our word for it though. We have many satisfied clients who have left faourable reviews on Google, LinkedIn and on our website.

Julia Feuell

"Shireen registered our trade mark in various countries worldwide to protect our brand as we expand globally. We also used the firm for a potential copyright infringement dispute too. We have been happy with the reliability of their services and would recommend them."


Robin Waite

"She had some incredibly helpful insights into trademark, copyright and design protection which has been vital given that we are in the design industry. The terms protect both us and our customers, with additional know how added in from Shireen which we have been able to enhance our workshops with."

Helen Sanderson

"Azrights went out of their way to understand my business and to create clarity in my terms and conditions. Their expertise is so needed in this world where we need to protect our Intellectual Property that is so easily shared. I highly recommend their services."


Lucy McCarraher

"Shireen and her team have made our business bulletproof in terms of our intellectual property, contracts with suppliers and clients. Their service was personal, friendly, timely and clear. The depth of knowledge and expertise Shireen and the team brought to bear on our business needs was very apparent."


Kim Tasso

"Excellent modern commercial legal service that is good value for money. They're digitally savvy and focused on concise but pragmatic client communication and service.
They provided initial advice on design rights and trademarks and steered me in the right direction. Clear pricing, friendly and down-to-earth service and hassle-free renewal prompts."

Craig Vallis

"Excellent professional service. Azrights take time to listen to understand your needs and use a language you can understand, especially if you are unfamiliar with the IP process. Highly recommend."




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