Shireen Smith

Shireen qualified as a solicitor in the 80s and among other jobs, worked as an in house lawyer at Reuters for 5 years until the early 90s when she took time out to raise her two daughters.

Although she focuses on IP, IT, trademark and copyright matters, her main specialist subject is trademarks. Since founding Azrights in 2005 she has helped hundreds of business owners with their trademarks and a wide variety of IP, business and commercial legal matters, both contentious and non-contentious.

Contentious and non-contentious work

Shireen is commercial in her approach, and helps businesses with both legal and business advice. Apart from trademark and copyright matters, Shireen supports businesses with GDPR compliance, contractual documentation, as well as the full range of intellectual property services, with the help of consultants working for Azrights.

Her values are to be responsive to clients, and to offer high-quality expertise. As IP is closely intertwined with business, and Shireen is herself a long-standing entrepreneur with experience of business and branding, Shireen is well placed to offer business advice to enable clients to achieve their desired outcome and work out how to design their business when starting out or fine-tuning their brands.

Great teams to handle any dispute

Shireen works with a variety of Counsel and solicitor consultants to suit every type of legal case. These have been hand-picked over the years. With her extensive practical experience of intellectual property and technology law and solid academic credentials, including a Masters in Intellectual Property law from QMW, London University. Shireen is consistently praised for the depth of her expertise and pragmatic, accessible advice.

Shireen has written many articles and blogs, been published by the Society for Computers and Law, Caritas, Bloomsbury, Informa, and others. She is also the author of the bestselling books, Legally Branded, published in 2012, and Intellectual Property Revolution, published in 2015.


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