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We Worry about Your IP, So You Don’t Have To

As experts in the digital world, we have a wealth of experience advising clients about IP and digital issues, be they digital start-ups or international PLCs. But we don’t just advise on digital business, we also are one.

So, we understand the problems you face from a commercial and legal perspective, and we know how to solve them. Let us take care of your IP, so you don’t have to worry.


Legal Advice Focused on YOU

We start by finding out about you, What are your concerns, what is your budget, what help are you seeking? You might be an entrepreneur, a growing SME, or an established international company. We help ensure you are not at risk of having to rebuild from scratch. For example, are you free to use the domain name and branding you’re intending to use?

We help you introduce your new concepts and  innovations in ways which will enhance the value of your business, and check that you own the copyright in your software.


The Freedom to Grow your Business

You can then  manage the risks within your budget. Taking action early on leaves you free to grow your business without the worry of competitors taking unfair advantage of the effort you have invested into your business. You can then:

Avoid being stung with legal action that was avoidable.

Put your IP in order, so you know what to reveal and what to hold back.

Set up your online business, launch your new product safely so you won’t be copied.

Move into another country, take on staff, or sell your business, properly prepared.

Avoid losing crucial rights, such as, rights in a name.

If you are worries about your IP why not contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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