Brand Tuned


Brand Tuned is the name of a separate websitea book, a podcast, and now an online course created by the founder of Azrights, Shireen Smith.

Here is a video by Shireen Smith, created in 2019 before she wrote the Brand Tuned book, explaining the problems she saw It’s everything you need to create and own a distinctive brand identity. When your brand strategy is clear you don’t just resonate with your ideal market – everyone in your team knows what your business stands for and can make ‘on brand’ decisions too.

Here is a video from Shireen, recorded in 2019 explaining more about Brand Tuned. At that time the book had not yet been written so it was early days for the concept it has become. To learn more how Brand Tuned helps marketers, designers, intellectual property lawyers and founders to create better brands access the Brand Tuned Program Brochure.


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