Intellectual Property Revolution


Successfully manage your IP assets, protect your brand and add value to your business in the digital economy

We’re undergoing a quiet revolution. The new currency in our digital economy is information, ideas, know-how, brands, systems and data.

Whether you’re starting a new business, building a brand identity or launching a new product or service, you’re also creating intellectual property.


The intangible assets you create

Do it right and the intangible assets you create could be worth more than the products or services themselves. Do it wrong and you could miss vital opportunities, have your true value stolen or find yourself on the wrong side of an intellectual property dispute.

Shireen Smith brings her years of experience as an IP lawyer with specialist knowledge of the digital playing field to highlight the new threats and opportunities of IP in today’s global marketplace.


Comprehensive coverage of IP

Combining comprehensive coverage of all areas relating to IP with real Case Studies of IP in action, this book will enable you to:

  • Implement your ideas and unlock their full commercial potential
  • Bullet-proof your brand and protect your best ideas
  • Identify your most valuable intellectual property assets
  • Harness IP to create scarcity and drive up business value
  • Innovate and stay ahead in your industry
  • Avoid accidentally infringing the rights of others