IP Audits and Assessments


As intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets your business generates, if you have never taken stock of the IP you have in order to identify what exists, and how to best secure your rights then it is well worth starting with an IP audit.

  • An audit would identify copyright, design and trademark issues in your business.
  • If your business has any patents, then an audit provides a good opportunity to take stock of the effectiveness of your commercialization strategy.
  • You would understand the steps to take to rectify any issues, such as to protect names that are used but have not been protected.
  • How confidential information is protected internally might be a focus of discussions, depending on your business model.

Having understood how IP impacts your business, we would support you to create a plan for protecting your IP.

Different solutions will appeal to different size of business. A lot depends on your business model as to how to proceed to protect your IP. Certain IP rights are time-sensitive, so that might be a good starting point to decide what to prioritize.

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