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Azrights focuses on giving strategic advice so you can grow faster and protect your market position through intellectual property. It specialises in the A to Z of intellectual property rights, hence the name.

We cover every area of IP your business needs. This might start with identifying a name you can use for your new project before you buy domains, and end with helping you to sell your online business.

Shireen Smith founded the firm with the aim of making IP easy to access by

  • Communicating clearly in plain English.
  • Providing a complete service so you don’t have to go to different firms for trademark registration, patents, commercial contracts, and litigation.
  • Providing price certainty, and ‘no surprise’ invoices as we don’t work to hourly rates.
  • Taking the digital dimension into account so we add value to your business.
  • Writing blogs, articles and books that explain the importance of IP to business.

The commitment to communicating clearly stems from the fact that as an in house lawyer, Shireen sometimes received advice from law firms that was technically excellent but difficult to understand.

Importance of IP

IP is part and parcel of business. If you have ambitions to succeed in business then you need to understand what is your most important asset so as to properly exploit and protect it.

Whether you are a pre revenue start up, or a global corporate, we have suitable products and services appropriate to your needs so you:

  • Secure distinctive names,
  • Protect innovations with copyright and patent protection,
  • Achieve successful software development and IT projects,
  • Have effective ecommerce agreements, and privacy policies,
  • Secure and exploit your IP,
  • Increase the value of your business.
  • Avoid infringing on the rights of others,
  • Turn your ideas into assets by making good choices of IP,
  • Appreciate the role of legal agreements in determining your business processes..


Lawyers with life experience

As experts in digital business our team include staff with a background in computing and IT. And we don’t just advise on digital business, we run one.

We like to recruit people with backgrounds in other fields outside of law, because we believe that life experience makes for a better lawyer. They are more able to see the bigger picture and offer more than purely legal insights.

We are very confident that you’ll like our products and services and find them refreshingly relevant to you, and what’s more, extremely easy to understand.

If you have any questions give us a call on 0207700 1414 or submit an enquiry.

Shireen Signature

Shireen Smith

PS: For your information we have highlighted below some further points we think are important when buying IP services as well as answering a few FAQs about the way we work. We hope you find this helpful.

What’s the deal then?

As a paperless office, we use technology to reduce costs. We use a combination of physical offices and virtual working to keep our overheads low. So our charges tend to be more reasonable as they don’t need to cover expensive offices with atriums.

Unlike traditional law firms we don’t retain expensive, senior solicitors on the payroll, with the consequent need to keep them occupied on any work that’s available. Nor do we work to hourly rates except in litigation matters.

In addition to the team members listed on People pages of this site, we include many other experts among our team. This makes it possible to offer City law firm levels of specialism in intellectual property, dispute resolution, data protection, and privacy law.

Being specialists means we know off the top of our heads what would take a non-specialist lawyer hours of time to research. So their overall charges might be higher even though their headline hourly rate is lower. So next time you ask law firms for their hourly rates bear this in mind.

If you have an immediate need for our services do get in touch, but otherwise, connect with us on one of our social media platforms.