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Azrights is an IP consultancy offering the A to Z of intellectual property rights services, hence the name. Our sister business, Azrights solicitors provides litigation support.

To grow and protect your market position, you need strategic IP advice as you don’t know what you don’t know. We cover every area of IP your business needs. This might start with identifying a name for your new project before you buy domains, and end with helping you to sell your online business.

Shireen Smith founded the firm with the aim of making IP easy to access, so by

  • Communicating clearly in plain English.
  • Providing a complete service whether you need trademark, design or patent registration, support with oppositions, commercial contract drafting or litigation.
  • Providing price certainty, and ‘no surprise’ invoices as we don’t work to hourly rates.
  • Taking the digital dimension into account so we add value to your business.
  • Writing blogs, articles and books that explain the relevance of IP to entrepreneurs and businesses

The commitment to communicating clearly stems from Shireen’s experience as an in house lawyer, when she sometimes received advice from law firms that, though technically excellent, was difficult to understand.

Why IP matters

IP is part and parcel of business. In the digital economy 80% of corporate value is in intangible assets such as intellectual property.

If you have ambitions to succeed in business in the digital world then you should make it a priority to understand what is your most important asset, and ensure you are able to properly exploit and protect its value.

We specialize in supporting businesses in digital and creative industries, and SMEs with:

  • Securing distinctive names,
  • Protecting innovations in ways appropriate to the innovation,
  • Achieving successful software development and IT projects,
  • Producing effective ecommerce agreements, and privacy policies,
  • Securing and exploiting your IP,
  • Increasing the value of your business.
  • Avoiding infringing on the rights of others,
  • Turning ideas into assets through IP.


Lawyers with life experience

As experts in digital business we tend to attract team members with backgrounds in computing and IT, and with backgrounds in other fields outside of law, because we believe that life experience makes for a better lawyer. They are more able to see the bigger picture and offer more than purely legal insights.

We are very confident that you’ll like our products and services and find them refreshingly relevant to you, and what’s more, extremely easy to understand.

If you have any questions give us a call on 0207700 1414 or submit an enquiry.

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Shireen Smith

PS: For your information, we have highlighted below some further points we think are important when buying IP services as well as answering a few FAQs about the way we work. We hope you find this helpful.

What’s the deal then?

As a paperless office, we use technology to give us the ability to work from anywhere and to reduce reliance on paper. We use a combination of physical offices and virtual working to give our team flexibility and to draw from a wider pool of talent than those who happen to live near our offices. We aim to give our clients a choice of rates and service levels so that the budget conscious will find an appropriate service to suit their needs, while clients who are time poor and are prepared to pay extra to save their time are also able to find a service level suited to them.

Being specialists means we know off the top of our heads what would take non-specialist lawyers hours of time to research. That is why we will invariably offer a fixed price (not an estimate) to do your work. We don’t believe in charging on an hourly rate basis as it doesn’t give you price certainty. If you have an immediate need for our services do get in touch, but otherwise, connect with us on one of our social media platforms.