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Name - Brand Begin and End

A Name is Where Your Brand Both Begins and Ends

September 24, 2012

At the recent launch party of the book, Legally Branded, I mentioned the importance of building a brand that is not only distinctive and powerful, but bulletproof.

One of the most important places to start is with your brand name. A name is where your brand both begins and ends. It is the first thing customers hear when they discover your business, and the last thing they remember at the end. Given the importance of the brand name, it’s vital to own the rights to it in order to avoid the expense and disruption that would arise if you had a passing off or other dispute.

The name has a number of hurdles to overcome. Not only must it be durable and unique, but the name must also meet the legal standards laid down by trade mark law, and not be too similar to another registered trade mark. Being too similar to an existing trade mark could expose the brand to risk, even if you’ve registered the trade mark.

SMEs who register their own trade marks tend not to get a legal opinion on their name unaware that it’s possible to secure a registration even if it conflicts with an existing mark, or that it’s possible to register quite non distinctive names if they’re combined with a logo. So  a trade mark does not necessarily mean your brand name is sound. The registered owners of similar marks could object years after you secure registration. They may only bother to object if you become a successful business. So, if you’ve never had a legal opinion on your name from a brand lawyer it’s crucial to get a legal view.

This is why our time limited offering may be of interest.

Our Trade Mark Ally product is on offer at a massively reduced price. It supports you to do your own trade mark registration in a safer way by having some professional input on key issues. Included is a search and legal opinion, and help to identify the classifications in which to file your trade mark. There is video guidance to help you to draft your own application, and we even glance at your UK trade mark application before you file it on the registers to pick up any glaring errors.

So, if you take up this time limited offer you could use the search and opinion element on an existing registration if you have never had an opinion, or use it to find out about a name you are thinking of using. You don’t need to want to register your own trade mark for the service to be valuable to you as you’d be hard put to find a search and legal opinion at the price we’re offering the Trade Mark Ally product.

This product has been popular and we’re only offering a maximum of 30. So, buy it now if you’re interested and want to take advantage of the early bird rate. You could even gift it to a friend, or better still tell a friend who might benefit from it. Not only do you get the Trade Mark Ally product, but also a few valuable bonuses. Click here to read more about the product and everything that is on offer.