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Outstanding Online Brand

Building an Outstanding Online Brand

July 6, 2009

There is a minefield of information to steer through for small businesses aiming to build an outstanding online brand.

They need sufficient understanding of trade mark and internet law to name their business effectively.  Should they choose descriptive generic names for the web given how much search engines reward descriptive domain names?

This BIPC British Library sponsored workshop is an Internet Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Branding and Commissioning a Web Presence, and helps attendees work out some solutions.

What constitutes an Outstanding Online Brand?

It explains the key ingredients of an outstanding online brand both from a legal point of view and from a website user’s perspective.  To create a website that pleases users involves an ongoing process of testing, analysis and refinement of the content.  So it is important to choose website providers carefully.

The important role of Copyright law, Data Protection, Trade Marks and Domain Registration will be covered, so as to help small business identify the contractual provisions they need for owning and operating their online business.

Marketing the website through Pay per Click advertising, Affiliate programs, Email campaigns and Search Engine Optimization is discussed along with potential pitfalls to beware of. Attendees will learn how marketing requirements can determine the type of online presence they need, and why a content management system is relevant.

Social Media Brand Protection and Promotion

Brand promotion on social media and guidance on what activities are permissible will also be addressed.  How to find out if someone posts untrue comments on a blog or online forum  and what to do about it are all important aspects of having an outstanding online brand.  So online reputation monitoring, and the brand elements a business might want to monitor will be explored.

Access to the information in the workshop minimizes the risk of wasted time and money on a web project, and helps ensure the business secures an outstanding online brand that serves its short and long term objectives.  Anyone who is planning on getting an online presence for the first time, or rebranding an existing presence would benefit.

Azrights is a new breed of internet and intellectual property law firm that makes it its business to know the internet inside out.  It has an associated internet business providing web development and internet marketing services so that Azright staff gain exposure to all aspects of internet business, and online branding.  To book the workshop please see here.