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What is Counterfeiting


October 20, 2019

Counterfeiting has always been a concern to businesses whose products are copied and sold off cheaply.

With the increasing number of people shopping online it has become easier for counterfeiters to distribute their counterfeit goods and services.

  • Counterfeit goods can impact on the demand and market for authentic goods and services and damage the reputation of a business and brand. So, you need to devote resources to tackling counterfeits.
  • A business may find its goodwill affected by a failure to take action against counterfeit goods.
  • Selling and making counterfeit goods are criminal offences
  • If you notice anyone selling counterfeit goods, you should report them to the police

Criminal sanctions may be insufficient to deter some counterfeiters, particularly those operating online who may be more difficult to arrest.

Robust brand protection is essential for a business which wants to deter counterfeiting.