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What is  Cybersquatting


September 19, 2019

Cybersquatters register domain names similar to existing trademarks. They have no legitimate claim to the name, and typically use those domains to either earn advertising revenues or try to sell them at inflated prices to the trademark owner.

Generally, the best course of action may be to wait it out so cybersquatters think the domain is not important to you.

Whether they renew the domain or not depends on whether it has a value.  For example, if they are able to earn good amount through “click farming” (that is, by sending Google Adwords and other search engine traffic to their web pages), they are more likely to renew a domain.

  • You should certainly avoid sending the cybersquatters a series of angry emails. If they think the domain name is important to you they will try and hold onto it until you pay.
  • To improve your position make sure you have registered your brand name as a trademark.

We have successfully dealt with cybersquatting situations.

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