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How can I secure control over my domain name?

Domain Names

September 19, 2019

Domain names are a fundamental aspect of branding. They are easy to register, and can be used instantly to associate your website with your brand.

  • Domain names and trademarks are separate and unrelated pieces of property although each is relevant to branding and both have value.
  • Domain names are important business assets. They should be overseen by whoever handles the business trademarks.

How can I secure control over my domain name?

Many businesses are unaware that company or domain registrations do not give rights to use the corresponding name in their business. Although you may have registered a domain name, if it is similar to a trademark used by another business, the other business may be able to stop you from using it. To secure protection over your domain name you should:

  • Conduct a trademark clearance search of the name before buying a domain.
  • Register the name as a trademark at the same time as purchasing the domain name. If you have a trademark in place it will be easier to recover the domain name from a cybersquatter.
  • A policy on domain name registration is an important aspect of dispute prevention. If domain names are purchased haphazardly, this can lead to problems later.
  • If you think a domain registration has been made in bad faith or to ‘cybersquat’ then you may be able to recover the domain name without having to buy it from the owner. We can assist with such disputes.

How we can help

  • A solid administrative system will help ensure renewals are not missed, and are not picked up by cybersquatters. Using our domain management services gives you an effective administrative solution for domains.
  • Some countries only allow domain names to be granted to businesses with presence there. We can also provide a ‘local presence service’ to enable you to satisfy their presence requirements.