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Don't Miss Out On Securing Your

Don't Miss Out On Securing Your

The way to secure the .com of a name you’re choosing, is to have a good process. 

You want to keep a record of names you consider and shortlist. Otherwise, you'll get frustrated with the whole exercise.

Ensure a .com of a name that was available when you first researched the name, is still available when you want to buy it. 

Search for the .com in your browser rather than on domain sites. There's anecdotal evidence suggesting it's not safe to search domain sites. So, unless you trust a site, don't search there for your desired domains.

Avoid registering lots of .com domains until you've done your due diligence checks. Then buy your domain immediately and register your desired social media handles.

Register the trademark too. Otherwise, the risk is that someone else applies to register a similar name. That might make it necessary for you to choose another name. The picture can change between searching the registers and filing an application. So, avoid delay, and file the trademark application straight away.

But be sure to register the domain before your trademark application though.

That's because there are people who watch the trademark registers. They register the .com if you've failed to do so. It is possible to recover the domain from them by arguing they registered the name in 'bad faith. We have had success doing so. But it's much cheaper to register the .com before making your name public.

The right order for buying domains, registering trademarks, and creating visual designs matters. It impacts if you get an effective brand identity that meets your needs or waste a lot of time, money, and resources. 

I hope you found this useful. If you have any comments or questions let me know.