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 George Hadwick’s IP Rap

George Hadwick’s IP Rap – The Legally Branded Book Launch

September 13, 2012

Legally Branded was released at our successful launch party at the British Library on 11 September. The night was a blur of activity, filled with networking the chance to take part in an IP quiz, in order to learn something about IP.

George Hadwick then gave an incisive and impressive summary of the event! He succinctly summed up the book, Tibor Gold’s introductionsShireen Smith’s speech, and Jeremy Philips’ talk, as well as key take home messages about Intellectual Property in the form of a rap. Here is a video of it:


As the sun lowered in the London skies

We gathered – a room full of legal eagles and KPIs

To celebrate the launch of a vital tome

To which I shall try to do justice in this? poem?

For those who want to ensure they’re  legally branded

Azrights’ Shireen’s got the key understandings

In a demanding world where history’s a brand new page

With the internet blurring the edges in a digital age

You must make sure your business has solid legal foundations

With an IP plan to gain wealth from your great innovations

So Engage with Shireen’s three step directive

For an IP plan that’s the most cost-effective

Way to maximise your IP and guarantee it’s protected

Step one – know your business objectives

Next step is, determine your IP needs

Everything from brands and trade-marks to licensees

And step three, you got implement your plan

I’m told innovative law firms such as Azrights can “Give fixed prices for any legal work an SME needs So you can have certainty about the overall fees”

But we didn’t come here to see me read a book

So right about now let’s take a look

At the content rich talks from our feature speakers

What a privilege to witness such industry leaders

Introductions by Tibor who’s easily persuaded

Using Russian dolls to illustrate the points he’s making

Stating that in IP Jeremy needs no surname at all

Because whatever the question he’s the guy you call

Ingenious inclusive and everything in between

Talking on what branding innovation could truly mean

Jacket off and nearly so much more

As he proceeded to talk about pawn

And thankfully the other chess pieces as well

The key message he came to tell

Is that pawns are vital in the wider game

When they get to the end everything’s changed

Jeremy states the UK’s pawns are our SMEs

Who in time become foundations of our economy

Harrods, Clarks and our national library

We’re all themselves once little SMEs

But presently, our government’s inability to act

Means the power of UK IP seriously lacks

We can fight back by moaning, or honour Shireen

Cos she’s brought substance to political lip-service dreams

Shireen caught Tibor’s attention by her courage and passion

Because her own practice she was determined to fashion

She began by expressing her deep gratitude

For tonight’s attendance by all of you

In truth IP’s a right you can have for intangible things

Use it right and significant wealth it brings

But know it’s not something you automatically own

And in the digital age the competition has grown

So honing a brand is absolutely essential

And trying to define it at times might send you mental

It’s a way of standing out and meeting a need in the market

You don’t need the logos and visuals as soon as you’ve started

But once established, you’ve got to get the IP sorted don’t follow scrabulus and get your apps aborted

Advice should be sought right from the beginning

Build it in from the start and you’re sure to be winning

Listen IP is what can give you that stand out brand

That can spread far beyond the shores of our land

Having a descriptive name can be a temporary fix

But once the business is viable, then rebrand quick

Stick to a strategy that’s coherent with your

IP plan And Don’t be afraid to let Shireen take you by the hand

And guide you through the minefield of brand creation

Launching her branding consultancy – truly a cause for elation

So be taking the opportunity to seize your free consultation

You’ll be on the way to a great IP situation

So…how do we wRAP this legally branded rhyme

Well I hope this is the book you’ll have in mind

Anytime you need to ensure your business is seen and known

Or you want reap the benefits of the IP seeds you’ve grown

Shireen’s shown – if you want a legal team to execute your plans right

You better get legally branded – and talk to Azrights

And don’t leave tonight without this wisdom pearl

Ideas are more powerful than all the armies of the world

So ensure yours are protected and you earn what you deserve

Cos it’s about more than a name – it’s your gift to the earth

Find out more about George Hardwick by visiting his website