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Why it is important to take stock of IP agreements

Intellectual Property Agreements

October 20, 2019

Intellectual property is a valuable asset which will be key to your business. It must therefore be effectively managed. It is important to have appropriate legal agreements in place to ensure that your IP is adequately protected, transferred or licensed as the case may be. However, Intellectual Property (IP) agreements can be complex documents.

We are able to assist companies in a variety of ways by:

  • Reviewing drafting and negotiation of the terms of an intellectual property agreement
  • Advising on the scope, subject matter and duration of an intellectual property agreement
  • Carrying out an IP audit as part of which we review your IP agreements.

Why it is important to take stock of IP agreements

IP provisions are a key element in a number of commercial arrangements. Some typical agreements which will cover important IP issues include:

We are experienced commercial IP lawyers and can assist you with a variety of legal agreements including Business Terms, Shareholder Agreements and Website Terms and Conditions.

If the party you are going to do business with puts forward an IP contract, for example a publishing contract or a software development agreement for you to sign, bear in mind that this will have been drafted to protect their own interests and will probably be biased in their favour. It is advisable to have the agreement reviewed to ensure your interests are adequately protected.