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IP Strategy DIY IP registrations?

IP Strategy

September 19, 2019

Every company needs an IP Strategy because intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets a business generates. Yet IP can be expensive to protect, and difficult to know how best to manage.

  • An IP audit would enable you to understand the significance of the various IP rights to your business model
  • Having understood how IP impacts your business, you can be strategic about which IP work to tackle immediately, or which to postpone, by focusing on the intrinsic importance of the IP to your future success.
  • Finding the right IP advice is not always an easy task, and many businesses have budgetary constraints are unable to afford to take comprehensive measures to protect all their IP.

We have different solutions for different size of business in order to help you to get an understanding of how IP rights impact your business model. So, no matter how big or small your company, we can help you to set your IP strategy. Some IP rights are time sensitive, so that if you don’t register them at the right time you lose the right to do so. While, sometimes, the choices a company makes, such as how to name a product or service, can determine whether valuable IP is created or not.

What about DIY IP registrations?

As part of helping you to set your IP strategy we will be able to help you to work out to what extent you might be able to do your own intellectual property work. For some types of IP it may be a good way to make your budget stretch but in other cases it can be misconceived.  For example, you may want to avoid doing your own legal work if the quality of the registration is not likely to be good enough. 

For example, you might register a trademark yourself and discover later that your description of the ways you use the mark has gaps which allow a competitor to register a similar mark. Or your failure to get a proper professional opinion on the name may mean you are infringing on someone else’s rights even though you have registered a trademark.