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Hague System For Design Registration

Japan And The United States Join The Hague System For Design Registration

March 6, 2015

Japan and the United States both filed their official instruments at the WIPO headquarters in February 2015 in order to join the Hague System.

This increases the number of Hague signatories to 64 nations.

The Hague System allows for multiple filing of design applications through a single WIPO application.  The introduction of the United States and Japan, two of the world’s largest economies, is a significant boost to the Hague system. The hope is that other countries will sign up to the Hague System as well, leading to a global revolution in the ease of filing and the centralised management of international registration.

For more information about Japan and the United States joining the Hague System visit the Inventa site at: Japan and USA join The Hague System for International Design registration.