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#JeSuisCharlie Creator

#JeSuisCharlie Creator: Phrase Cannot Be A Trademark

January 21, 2015

JeSuisCharlie CreatorConcerns have been raised over attempts to monopolise a phrase made famous in the wake of an international tragedy.

Jaochim Ronson, the creator of the image portraying the words ‘Je Suis Charlie’, has voiced his concerns that commercial interest in the phrase could ruin the sentiment behind it. To Ronson, ‘I am free, I am not afraid’ is the true meaning behind the words, his interpretation of the phrase after first hearing of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France.

The #JeSuisCharlie hashtag was considered to be one of the most retweeted news-related hashtags of all time, with others taking their own view of what the phrase means to them.

Soon after, reports suggested that there were over 50 separate attempts to register the phrase as a trademark in France alone. These attempts have resulted in Ronson seeking legal advice to ensure the phrase never becomes legally owned.

You can read more on Ronson’s opinions over the attempts to register ‘Je Suis Charlie’ in the BBC blog, #JeSuisCharlie creator: Phrase cannot be a trademark.