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SEO Contract

Press Release: SEO Contract in Context Product – A Radical Alternative to Traditional Legal Services for Business on the Internet

January 28, 2010

SEO Contract in Context fills a gap in the market for legal advice for small businesses using the internet for marketing. The current choices are either to consult specialist lawyers at hourly rates in excess of £250 per hour, buy a contract template, or do nothing. Most small businesses currently opt to do nothing, and do not take any independent advice at all when commissioning websites, or engaging internet marketing consultants, despite the fact that these transactions are complex and significant to the future success of their business

(View the original release at PRWeb) 29 January 2010 — Richard Susskind, in his book, the ‘End of Lawyers?’ focuses on the challenge for law firms to deliver legal services more cost effectively, and in alternative ways to the traditional one to one consultancy model.