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Profit from your IP: invitation to event

Profit from your IP: invitation to event

If you’re rebranding or embarking on a thrilling new project, or just rethinking your business and brand strategy, you may want to attend the talk I’m giving on Zoom next Friday 1st December at 1pm UK time.

Profit From Your IP - Here is the link to book 

I’ll be explaining the crucial role that Intellectual Property (IP) plays in business design and brand strategy. Here's a glimpse of what I’ll be covering in the talk. 

The power of IP. What it is and why it deserves to be a top priority in your business projects. This foundational knowledge will reshape the way you approach your brand strategy.

Capturing Reputation through IP: Your business's reputation is not just a nebulous concept; it's intricately intertwined with your IP. Discover how IP encapsulates the essence of your brand.

The JK Rowling Phenomenon: You may be surprised to learn that the incredible wealth of JK Rowling, the famed author of the Harry Potter series, doesn't solely stem from book sales. I’ll dissect how IP propelled her to a billion-dollar status. 

If you can’t make it on Friday, do register for the event anyway as we will be sending out a recording when it‘s available.

It was when I was preparing this talk that I decided to write the pdf I mentioned last week: Want to Make a £million+ or Start a Movement? Essentially, that’s about the foundations that need to be put in place to ensure you can Profit from your IP.

Many established businesses may not have implemented the five steps I’ve identified as essential to building a business on strong foundations. They could achieve a lot more success if they did so. I myself hadn’t covered this ground even after 10 years in business.

So, I hope you’ll join me on Friday 1st December to find out how to Profit from your IP.

Here is the link again to book