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Website Success

Secrets of Website Success – Workshop at the British Library IP Business Centre

July 1, 2009

Even if you are not selling on the internet, a website is a useful marketing tool for companies and is an important part of their branding. That’s why on Wednesday 24 June 2009, Azrights held a workshop at the British Library IP business centre on the secrets of website success.  Focusing on 2 pillars, branding legalities and internet marketing, this workshop was designed to be broad enough to cover most of the issues; to give the participants a bird’s eye view of the legal landscape, pointing out the major land marks and pitfalls.  The attendees came for different reasons: some were start ups wanting to get the basics, some were wanting to maximise their on-line presence and some were concerned about the possible legal obstacles.  What was pervasive amongst everyone present was the desire to learn how to protect their current or potential investment. The start of that process, as Shireen explained in the workshop, is the selection of an appropriate business name –  be sure to choose a name that will contain your investment and not dissipate your efforts. If you wish to learn more about future Azrights workshops, please sign up to our newsletter or add this page as a favourite.