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SEO Contract in Context Now Free

February 26, 2010

In January the IPKAT mentioned the new product we had developed – SEO Contract in Context system.

One anonymous commenter said something to the effect that the product should be offered free.  At the time I thought this was a poor idea given the amount of work we had done to produce it.  Little did I know that within a month I would be deciding that was in fact the best way to promote this particular product.

This is because although a number of people bought the product, it was clear from some of the general comments and questions we were receiving that many did not understand what the product actually was, and why they needed it.  Some wondered whether SEO Contract in Context was intended to be a DIY SEO tool.  (The answer is no it isn’t.  It’s what I wish I could have had available to me 5 years ago when I had a website created for Azrights, and would have liked to know how to promote it on the search engines cost effectively).  Given SEO is not a service many people have ever bought, or intend to buy, some didn’t have too much trouble deciding they didn’t need it.

However, SEO is essential literacy that anyone doing business online needs to acquire.  It has become doubly important with the rise of social media.  That is why we decided to open up access to it for free and to give those who purchased the product a credit note.  Here is a link to SEO Contract in Context.

Another reason for taking this decision is so that we can point people to it as an example of what they can expect if they purchase the many other products we have in the pipeline such as Website Contract in Context due to be released on 23 March: Website Contract in Context.  There is currently nothing like them on the market. 

A further benefit of opening up SEO Contract in Context to a wider audience is that we will hopefully receive feedback which we can use to further improve and enhance both this free SEO product and the other products that are in the pipeline.  An improved second version of SEO contract in Context is due for release before 23 March. So if you have any further thoughts as to how we might improve it please do submit your feedback.