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How can social media help me to market my business?

Social Media Law

October 20, 2019

The social web is having a profound impact on society, revolutionizing the way in which brands are cultivated and protected online. At Azrights, we understand social media law, its attraction for consumers and its potential for business.

How can social media help me to market my business? 

  • The internet is increasingly the first port of call when searching for new products and services. Marketing on the web is emerging as the main way to promote brands.
  • Blogs, online new releases, social media, and other forms of web content give businesses the opportunity to communicate with buyers directly in real time.
  • Whether you know it or not, some of your employees, customers, suppliers and competitors will be engaging in activities subject to social media law. All this creates a need for new approaches to brand protection.
  • User names on social media sites are becoming desirable properties to own, in the same way as domain names and trademarks.

The downside: negative publicity 

  • From time to time businesses may need to deal with negative publicity circulated on social media. This is a very delicate issue. One the one hand, businesses’ reputation can suffer if negative material is left online. On the other hand, taking legal action can often just attract attention and result in even greater brand damage.
  • There are also technical issues to consider such as identifying the individuals behind anonymous content, or the difficulties in taking down content when it has been cached, linked to, or copied by a range of other sites.

How can we help? 

Azrights are well placed to provide the business advice that companies need in this new socially connected world. We are actively engaged on social media platforms and have a strong understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls presented by social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our principal, Shireen Smith, regularly writes about social media law in her blog. She has lectured legal professionals and entrepreneurs on the subject, and has both contributed and reviewed related content for publications such as Bloomsbury QFinance.