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The Knowledge Economy – The More You Learn The More You Earn

The Knowledge Economy – The More You Learn The More You Earn

August 18, 2019

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The more you learn the more you earn, is a quote I read somewhere recently which struck me because it’s so apt for the new digital economy we are moving towards.

I’ve learnt so much from books over the years, and like to think I’ve become wiser with age, and a large part of that wisdom is down to all the books I read.

Whenever I am facing a new situation I turn to books to guide me along the way. I will buy numerous books on a topic and binge on the topic in question until I’ve made up my mind how to move forward.



Many entrepreneurs I know talk about their coaches unlocking the path to progress for them, but so far I’ve never really done more than dabble in hiring coaches, even for fitness.  Maybe one of these days I’ll find a coach who I want to go all in with and learn from.

What I have got instead is plenty of online coaching courses from the likes of Bo Eason for public speaking, Roger Love for voice development, Jeff Walker for launching digital courses, and Brendon Burchard for creating online courses and marketing them.  Too many to consume I thought a while back – especially as I’m often on my computer all day long and the last thing I want to do in the evenings is watching more stuff on my computer.

So, my life has been considerably enhanced by the purchase of this USB cable which enables me to connect my laptop to the television and watch online courses on the TV screen.

So, now instead of sitting and watching inane TV programs in the evenings just to unwind and do something different to what I’ve been doing all day, I now sit in front of the TV and watch my online courses.

I can’t tell you how much my life has been enhanced by this single item, and wow what a lot of useful information I’m learning which was just sitting there unused before. I intend to get through every single course and write copious notes on each of them so the learning sticks and is something I can refer back to when necessary. I’m making a note of which video said what when I write the notes so that it will be easy to revisit a topic in future. I’ll know exactly where to find it.

Incidentally, in this new world of online digital assets, we need to develop the skills to get maximum benefits from them. So, for me, this means having some tangible elements by which to ensure I won’t forget the digital assets. Something like a dedicated folder with different sections for different courses into which to add my notes means the learning is there to be dialled into easily when I need to boost my understanding of a particular topic.

For example, among the numerous courses of Brendon’s that I have in my Kajabi area (as I’m one of his Mastermind students), there is a course on how to launch a book or podcast. I’ve made a mental note to review those courses when I turn my attention to launching a new book or a new podcast, but for now, I’m not making time to review them.


How To Fit Learning Into Your Life

In terms of ways to access knowledge, as a self-professed bookaholic, I own more books and kindle books than I will ever get a chance to read in my lifetime.  Conscious as I am of this need to get through a lot more content more quickly, I’ve taken to skim reading at least the introduction and conclusion of books I buy and if the content grabs me, I’ll delve into them more.

Recently I’ve worked out an even better way to capture the insights in books despite my lack of time – and that is audiobooks.

My subscription to Audible has enabled me to consume numerous books as I go about my daily activities – such as when I’m walking or cooking.  But recently, my life of book consumption has gone to another level thanks to Blinkist.  A basic subscription is less than £100 a year and gives you access to a wealth of books in summarised form.

The beauty of this is that I can now try out an infinite number of books as I am out and about moving from one place to another or when I’m in the kitchen. Some books I only listen to for a few minutes before deciding they’re too basic or otherwise unsuitable for my needs.

Other books I listen to all the way through and feel satisfied that I’ve learned something new fairly effortlessly. And occasionally, I’ll come across a title that I LOVE so much that I’ll then buy the Kindle or paperback version so I can read the entire book.

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