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Why Register A Trademark?


September 19, 2019

Trademarks, trade marks or trade-marks are names, signs, logos, taglines, designs or expressions you use in business, such as names and logos, which protect the value in your growing business. It is important to own the exclusive rights in your brand identity. Once your business is more established, it is then important to register your very own trademarks.

Trademark Factors

  • Having a trademark enables your customers to recognize your products and services as a brand and helps distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Registering a trademark enables you to protect your business against unfair competition.
  • Apart from names and logos, other signs may also be registered as a trademark. The most commonly registered signs are slogans, numbers and musical jingles.
  • Protection is granted by reference to specified ‘classes’ or business categories. View a list of trademark classes.
  • Registered trademarks are property rights which may be bought, sold and licensed.
  • Registrations are renewable every ten years.
  • Trademarks are territorial, meaning you need to register them in each jurisdiction in which you want to have protection.

Why Register A Trademark?

The type of application you make will depend on the aspirations you have for your business. Here are reasons why you should register your trademark and how we can help you to be on the right track.

  • If your trading activities are restricted to the UK, a UK trademark may be sufficient protection for your needs.
  • If your business, trades throughout Europe or you intend to do so in the future, then an EU Trademark may be more appropriate.
  • If you require an even wider of protection, it is possible to gain protection with up to 92 countries by making an international application under the Madrid Protocol. View the list of Madrid Protocol countries.
  • We offer you an International Trademark Registration, either using the Madrid Protocol or directly using local agents.

The starting point before beginning to use a sign in your business is to have a professional trademark search by knowledgeable legal practitioners.