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UK Intellectual Property Office

UK Intellectual Property Office – Fee Reduction

March 10, 2009

We recently blogged here about OHIM’s plans to reduce its fees for trade mark applications, and it seems the UK IPO are following suit with a plan to reduce trade mark application fees by 15%. The Financial Times reports here that the IPO are keen to ensure that the UK IPO trade mark fees are kept in line to stay competitive and remain attractive to UK businesses.

The IPO plans also include price reductions for those who want to oppose other people’s trade mark applications.

Although the 15% reduction seems slight  in comparison with OHIM’s price cut of 40% on applications, there is one aspect of the proposals which will be of particular interest to those concerned about cash flow in the current economic climate. The IPO propose to offer trade mark applicants the option to pay for only part of the fees up front, rather than in full.

Applicants will have to await the outcome of a consultation, meaning that the reduction is unlikely to come into force until October this year.