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Want to Make a £million+ or Start a Movement?

Want to Make a £million+ or Start a Movement?

Whether you want to start a movement or to make a £million+, there’s a predictable process to follow to profit from your IP and achieve your objectives.

The newsletter is short this week because I’ve been busy writing a new eBook: Profit From Your IP - Make a £Million+ or Start a Movement.

In it I outline the 5 essential steps to follow to turn your knowledge and expertise into value. The 5 steps are predictable and actionable.

If you want to ensure your project stands the best possible chance of success, you may want to get access to an early draft of the new eBook.

In the eBook, I share many insights and tips gleaned over the 20 or more years I’ve been advising clients on their business and IP. I’ve drawn on my knowledge of branding and marketing too, so you can apply the ideas to your own projects to achieve your goals.

Just send me an email to [email protected] to receive an early copy as soon as it’s ready.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.