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 What is Intellectual Property and What You Need to Know About It

What is Intellectual Property and What You Need to Know About It

October 2, 2018

When you’re starting any new venture it’s a good idea to ask yourself some searching questions. Why are you in business? Or why are you planning to start one? What’s the motivation driving it? Are you aiming to make it big? Would you aspire to be the next Richard Branson or Anita Roddick? Or are you just intending to be self-employed?  Certainly, when I founded my law firm, Azrights 13 years ago I just wanted to work flexibly around my two daughters so I could be there for them instead of handing over to a nanny to raise them.

Aspirations change over time. Certainly, for me a love of entrepreneurship was the catalyst to growing the Azrights business into a proper law firm. My ambitions grew and I have seen a need to create another business, Azrights International Ltd to provide eLearning now, and essentially to offer potential clients different options to the done for you legal services that Azrights provides. You may find your aspirations change over time too. Bear them in mind as the IP actions you need to take do depend on the direction you’re taking.

I am convinced that Intellectual Property is a business skill that entrepreneurs and creatives need to learn just like finance, or any other subject that’s so intrinsic to their business success. The IP I teach in my current course, Legally Branded Academy, is relevant to a worldwide audience because it is business insight not legal minutiae. By understanding the big picture businesses can address IP issues early on, and avoid mistakes. IP is the nuts and bolts of business. It translates to value, so upskilling yourself to protect your IP is important.

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