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EU trade mark certificate

Where is my EU trade mark certificate?

December 16, 2009

So you may have made an online application to OHIM and you may be wondering why, after being informed by the EU registry (OHIM) that you’re trade mark has been published, you are still waiting for the certificate in the post. Don’t worry it’s not a postal strike, this time, that has delayed its arrival, instead, it is a rather discreet change of policy instigated by OHIM to ‘help reduce registration times’. Certificates were originally posted to applicants (Please click here )but since the introduction of the E-Certificate system, last Wednesday 9 December 2009, it is all done electronically. From now certificates are downloadable from the Online Access of Files tab displayed above trade mark results (click the icon indicated above to access the folders containing your certificate – please note that you may be required to set up a Mypage account first before being granted access to such files).