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Web 2.0

Why Web 2.0 Brand Protection Requires Online Brand Promotion

November 3, 2009

In his comment to my blog post ‘New Rules of Brand Protection’ Terry immediately questioned the tentative title I  gave my proposed book.  He suggested ‘protecting brands’ might be somewhat limiting and wondered whether a title like ‘new methods of branding’ might be more likely to trigger engagement from others. One of my principal aims in writing this book is precisely to highlight that Web 2.0 has changed the rules of brand protection so that it is inappropriate to regard brand protection and brand promotion as separate activities.  If the title ‘New Ways of Brand Protection’ is not going to convey this, and people are not even going to look at the blog releases of my book then I think it a good idea to immediately change the title of the book to something more descriptive of its contents.  It is going to cover brand promotion and cultivation, so how about ‘Why Web 2.0 Brand Protection Requires Online Brand Promotion’.  That is now the tentative new title.

This week I am starting the book by releasing what will be chapter 1, or its introduction – How Web 2.0 Changes the Rules of Brand Protection, and Brand Promotion. I have already written a rough draft of next week’s chapter which will be all about Brand Names. That chapter explains why it matters that businesses choose names carefully with brand protection and promotion in mind.  It will be called Brands: Names, Trade Marks, and Domain Names.

See this week’s chapter How Web 2.0 Changes the Rules of Brand Protection, and Brand Promotion and please help shape this book by leaving me your comments here on the blog email me if you prefer.