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Online Brand Promotion

Why Web 2.0 Brand Protection Requires Online Brand Promotion

December 1, 2009

When I wrote the introduction to my proposed new book in early November Why Web 2.0 Brand Protection Requires Online Brand Promotion, I hoped to publish this chapter shortly afterwards.  Needless to say, life got in the way, and it is only now that I am ready, and even then only with part of chapter 1, called Brands: Trade Marks and Domain Names.  In future I will blog a chapter as and when it is ready rather than saying in advance when it will be ready….

I have received lots of positive comments about the proposed book, and a few tips.  The result is that I will publish some parts of the book via this blog, and other parts of it will only be available to those who purchase the book.

Please do help shape the book by leaving me your comments here on the blog or by emailing me if you prefer.